FORT DCU holding earnings: Up to 1040% APY.

Staking tokens
On a first-come, first-served basis, you will be rewarded for purchasing DCU tokens and completing Staking cycles of varying duration. Up to 1040% APR!

How Staking?
1) Use USDT to buy DCU coins in SWAP :
SWAP teaching:
2) Fill out the Google form to register:

Yes, DCU prices have been pumping,Come and join DeFi3.0

when you stake DCU, you can participate in all three activities too! ! !

All FORT activities are scheduled as follows

1) First order activity (30 DCU reward)

2) Trading ranking activity (award at least 30 DCU)

3) Probability Coin Campaign (1 probability coin per person)*free

1) FORT DAO reserves the right to cancel all cheating rewards
2) Staking token rewards will be issued 1 day after the end of the pledge period
3)A person can only participate in 1 different staking cycle

Start time: April 2
Ends: May 2

April 2

Audit report:



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