💰For(Decentralized Derivatives):New rules,First order use 50 DCUs to complete the opening of futures positions and reward 30 DCU.

🌎no KYC, no profit requirements for activities, Oracle handling fee 0.0002BNB, 0 commission

🍺 Rewards:
(1)Open a future or option position with 50 DCU and you will receive 30 DCU(everyone)
(2)Recommend 1 person to participate and reward 5 DCU.
(3)20% of people randomly selected every day will be rewarded with 50 DCUs.

📞 How to play?
(1) Join https://t.me/FortProtocolVIP
(2) Buy at least 50DCU tokens with USDT (bep20) at
BSC SWAP (https://app.fortprotocol.com/#/swap)
(3)Choose a futures https://app.fortprotocol.com/#/futures) or options (https://app.fortprotocol.com/#/options) product and complete opening a position

- Select Leverage
- Enter amount: 50 DCU
- Click ‘Open Long’ or ‘Open Short’
- Scroll Down ⬇️
- Click ‘Close (Not mandatory)

- Select “Call” or”Put”
- Exercise time (Select at least 1 month)
- Strike price
- Payment
- Buy Option
- Scroll Down ⬇️
- Sell (Not mandatory)

(4) Verified by bot:


You will not be rewarded in 3 cases:
(1) DCUs not purchased through SWAP
(2)Your USDT comes from other wallet addresses that have completed the task.
(3)The participating address cannot be a new wallet address with no transaction history.

⌚️Rewards will be distributed within 3 days

💰Fort:Decentralized Derivatives Trading Competition:💎Reward 2300$DCU to the 1st
Registration link:https://forms.gle/5TvmGN3epmf27TBd9

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Swap Guideline: https://fortprotocol.medium.com/teaching-swap-dafcb5b85c41
Future Guideline: https://fortprotocol.medium.com/futures-teaching-c10dbd3388d5
Option Guideline: https://fortprotocol.medium.com/options-teaching-9109e879ac22

Fort Protocol is the DeFi 3.0 financial system pricing protocol . Decentralized derivative developed based on the fort protocol, offering unlimited liquidity and zero commission clearing transactions. Futures and options are currently available. Positions are opened and settled via tokens, destroyed on opening, and settled in increments through the system.

1. How to invite? Google Forms third question:fourth question write your name
2. Can I get multiple rewards for meeting multiple requirements? can not.
3.1 person can only get 1 reward



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Now it’s not just the oracle. Oracle+OMM+PVM=NEST Deployed on #ETH #Polygon #BNB #KCC