FORT Twitter Bounty Campaign

Yes, we’re running a massive Twitter bounty campaign with a total prize pool of $100,000, once a week! All will be rewarded!

1) Must be a new Twitter follower to be counted (number of referrals)
(For example, if you send invitation link to 20 people, but only 5 people follow FORT on the end date, you are in category >= 5 not category >= 20)
2) 20% probability means we randomly choose 20% of participators in the same category. (For example, if there are 100 people each of which introduces more than 40 followers, we will randomly choose 20 people and each of them wins $30.) If there are fewer than 10 people in one category, they will join the exact category 1-level lower.
3) we allow your friends to help you.
(For example, if you only invite Alice and Tom, you score 2 but cannot join this campaign. However, if Alice and Tom invite 50 and 200 follower, 10% of their contribution, 25 people, will count on you. You can join the category >= 20.)

How to join?
1. Join the bot and complete tasks:
2. Get Referral Links

* 4 consecutive referrals with less than 30% chance of completing have not been rewarded. You will get one chance of reward. The reward amount is the cumulative number of completed referrals divided by 2

Start and end times: every 7 days
Reward time: Rewards will be issued on the 8th day

Phase 1: May 7 to May 14
Phase 2: May 15 to May 22
Phase 3: May 22 to May 29



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