Hedge App test related information

Fort Protocol White Paper: https://github.com/FORT-Protocol/Docs/blob/main/FORT_WhitePaper.pdf
Fort Protocol Twitter: https://twitter.com/FortProtocol
Fort Protocol Telegram: https://t.me/fort_DeFi
Hedge App website: https://hedge.red
Hedge App testnet application:Please send a private message to https://t.me/H1Asher on telegram and attach the Ethereum wallet address. (Please note that participants must be in the fort group https://t.me/fort_DeFi, we will send tokens to the addresses given every hour)
Hedge App test teaching: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1twZKfNNm4ClV1KcHsgS6DZWN3Chhq2zz/edit

Test network selection: RinkebyTestNetwork
Testnet DCU token address: 0xc408edF487e98bB932eD4A8983038FF19352eDbd

Hedge is a decentralized financial derivatives application developed based on the Fort protocol. The current products are options and perpetual contracts. Unlimited liquidity, open positions at any time,regardless of bullish or bearish positions. No commission fee, no settlement pressure, settlement at any time. The Fort protocol is a decentralized financial protocol that combines financial applications, participant behavior, and the native token DCU, allowing participants to game with the system.



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Now it’s not just the oracle. Oracle+OMM+PVM=NEST Deployed on #ETH #Polygon #BNB #KCC