How to Auction NEST Cyber​​​​Ink NFTs?

2 min readNov 11, 2022

1. You can make bids after approval

2. Custom bids are available, as well as shortcuts of +10%, +50%, and +100%. Bids must be higher than the starting bid or the current highest bid, and the minimum bid price must be greater than 1.

Auction Reward

1. 50% of the price difference between the latter and the former auctioneer will be given to the former auctioneer as a bonus

2. After the latter person’s bid is successful, the previous auctioneer will directly get back the auction principal + additional bonus part.

The final auction price will be given to the initiator after deducting all rewards.

Auction Success

1. At the end of the countdown, the highest bidder wins

2. The initiator receives the highest amount minus the additional bonus amount to complete the auction

3. After completing the auction, the initiator can collect the auction amount, and the highest bidder can get NFT. After the withdrawal is triggered by either one party, the auction ends

PS: NEST NFTs are BSC minted and you can sell them on any BSC NFT-enabled platform. The NEST NFT you purchased in any secondary platform that supports BSC NFT can also be listed in the NESTFi APP for auction.




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