NEST Token from ETH mainnet to BSC mainnet Tutorial

NEST Protocol has reached cross-chain cooperation with Poly Network, so it is possible for NEST token to cross to BSC through Poly Network.

NEST Token address on BSC: 0x98f8669f6481ebb341b522fcd3663f79a3d1a6a7

Step 1: Open Poly Network’s official website:

Step 2: Use Metamask to connect your wallet

Step 3: After connecting successfully, select the token to be crossed, here select NEST

Step 4: Choose from which chain to cross, because NEST is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum, we want to cross NEST Token from ETH to BSC, so here choose ETH at “from” button and choose BSC at “to” button.

Step 5: Enter the quantity to be crossed, pay the Gas fee and click “CONNECT WALLET”.

Once it is successful, you can switch to the BSC network in the Metamask wallet and participate in the protocols of the BSC ecosystem, which currently supports NEST Token for interaction is Fortube lending protocol.

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Now it’s not just the oracle. Oracle+OMM+PVM=NEST Deployed on #ETH #Polygon #BNB #KCC