New NEST Finance event (Food Festival) #second season

3 min readOct 25, 2022


To celebrate the NEST Fi product upgrade, NEST DAO is offering over 5 million NEST tokens to cook 3 delicious meals and beers for everyone. The new upgrade is based entirely on suggestions from the community and we have increased the leverage multiplier to 20x and added candlesticks. The advantages we have always had are: no holding costs and using oracle to access price information.

Hamburger(New user First Order Bonus)

Conditions(50 NEST per person+Snatch 10 NEST every day)
1. 200 NEST accumulated on open futures positions
2. Leverage greater than 5X
3. Position opening time greater than 5 minutes
*No need to close an order to receive

Collection method:
Futures website:
As long as you complete a hamburger mission, you can get 10 NEST in the group every day. The first 1000 people per

Pizza (Invitation Bonus)
1. Invite one person to complete the hamburger reward 20 NEST
2. For each person you invite, you will receive a bonus of 1% of the amount of each open position. (Bonus Pool: 200,000 NEST)

Butter chicken (Volume Bonus)
Requirements: 1. For every 500 futures NEST volume accumulated, you can earn a fixed bonus 2. Order length must be greater than 5 minutes, leverage can choose 5x, 10x, 20x
Rewards: 5x leverage rewards 20 NEST, 10x leverage rewards 30 NEST, 20x leverage rewards 50 NEST.

Beer(Whitelist Reward)
Rules: Total individual futures trading volume reaches 10,000 NEST(All trading volumes must meet 5x leverage, 5 minutes)

Each month, the total number of futures actually completed by all participants using NEST tokens. No calculation of leverage, no calculation of how many NEST only are used to participate in the futures.

1000 people, each person buys 10,000 NEST and all 10,000 NEST are used for futures trading. Then the total number of futures actually completed this month is equal to 10 million. Without counting the leverage and without counting the number of times, then 300,000 NEST are awarded.

90% of 3% to the ranking bonus based on points
10% of the 3% is allocated to each person(As long as you join the whitelist, you can get a 10% reward if you don’t do anything in the next month)

The ranking is based on the sum of the following additional points

Inviting 1 person to complete 10,000 NEST of futures trading volume + 2.5 points, individual futures trading volume greater than 10,000 NEST + 2 points

Distribution time:
Hamburger: Finished on the same day, distributed the next day
Pizza: 7 days
Butter Chicken: 3 days
Beer: at the end of the month

All delicious meals are done in our kitchen robot!

If you own NEST NFT, black NFTX 1.3 reward, yellow NFTX 1.15 reward, red NFT X1.1 reward

The most important! ! ! !
To participate in the Food Festival event, you must own BAB NFT! ! ! If you do not have BAB NFT due to some special reasons, then your wallet address must have more than 1000 NEST.

Butter Chicken Time:Start at 9 am UTC on November 27th and end at 9 am UTC on November 30th
Reward time: 9 am on December 1st




Now it’s not just the oracle. Oracle+OMM+PVM=NEST Deployed on #ETH #Polygon #BNB #KCC