S4#NESTFi Food Festival

Hamburger(First Order Bonus)

Butter chicken (Trading bonus)

  1. random bonus for every 500 futures NEST volume accumulated
  2. 2. Order length must be greater than 5 minutes, with leverage options of 10x, 20x(Unlimited times)

Pizza (Invitation Bonus)

  • For food festivals every season, all event rules will only be adjusted to the incentive rules. Others remain unchanged.
  • NEST is offering decentralized futures, but it is not traded in a traditional way. The trading method is to open a position through NEST token. Open a position to destroy the nest token, the profit and loss system will regenerate the nest token. Destruction address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x65e7506244cddefc56cd43dc711470f8b0c43bee



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Now it’s not just the oracle. Oracle+OMM+PVM=NEST Deployed on #ETH #Polygon #BNB #KCC