S4#NESTFi Food Festival

Hamburger (Newbie Bundle)
Conditions (Bonus 200 NEST)
1. Futures trading volume of 1,000 NEST(Only buys are counted, not leverage)
2. All leverage 10X
3. All open positions greater than 5 minutes
4. You must have 500 NEST in your wallet address to get the bonus
*No need to close the order to receive

Payment method: https://t.me/NESTRedEnvelopesBot?start=149
Futures website: https://finance.nestprotocol.org
*First 1000 people, first come, first served!

Butter chicken (Trading bonus)
1. Random bonus for every 800 futures NEST volume accumulated
2. Order length must be greater than 5 minutes, with leverage options of 5x,10x, 20x(Unlimited times)

5x leverage bonus 5–50 NEST.
10x leverage bonus 10–100 NEST.
20x leverage bonus 20–200 NEST.

Once a Day Butter Chicken(70–150NEST)

Pizza (Invitation Bonus)

Commission = 0.1% of the trading volume (only calculate the leverage of opening quantity X)

All delicious meals are done in our kitchen robot!

the most important! ! !
Your wallet address must have 500 NEST when the reward is issued!

There is no end time for hamburgers.
Butter chicken time. Starts at 11:00 AM on December 20th and ends at 11:00 AM (UTC) on February 1st, 2023.
Release time.
All rewards will be released at 07:00 (UTC) the next day

For food festivals every season, all event rules will only be adjusted to the incentive rules. Others remain unchanged.
NEST is offering decentralized futures, but it is not traded in a traditional way. The trading method is to open a position through NEST token. Open a position to destroy the nest token, the profit and loss system will regenerate the nest token. Destruction address:

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