UTU.ONE partners with FORT to join the wave of DeFi 3.0

3 min readFeb 16, 2022

FORT has entered into a strategic partnership with UTU.ONE, the all-in-one DAO tool APP developed as a one-stop shop for minting NFTs, issuing utility tokens, managing your community, and sharing profits. In addition, UTU.ONE implements 3D bio verification for user registration and embedded private keys, and develops a privacy-resistant non-bot platform.

FORT is a platform of DeFi 3.0 developments and applications, and a development toolset for the economic relationship of GameFi, NFT, and any social network. The products now available on the FORT protocol are perpetual future contracts and European options contracts. Both of the products are available for anyone at any time. More financial products will be available on FORT, including American options.

As WEB 3.0 infrastructures, UTU.ONE and FORT pursue similar values and ideals in the WEB 3.0 space, the partnership between us is perfectly matched. Both FORT and UTU.ONE value privacy, and strive to achieve it through a robust solution for not only blockchain finance, but also the whole WEB 3.0 ecosystem. In this respect, The anonymity, openness, and strong custom property of FORT can be embedded inside the UTU.ONE platform, thus providing more combined functions of asset trading and game. It can efficiently serve decentralized communities.

Stephan Zhang, the CTO and Co-founder of UTU.ONE said:

“The partnership represents an exalting trend of DeFi development. I am excited to see the synergy between UTU.ONE and FORT.”

Gunter Kanitz, CEO and Co-founder of FORT, commented:

“We are very glad to strike this partnership with UTU.ONE, which is a fascinating ally for promoting real-people social network and DeFi 3.0. As we transcend into the DeFi 3.0 era, this partnership creates diverse opportunities to make social interactions and private trading environments better for everyone.”

About FORT

FORT strives to build a decentralized platform where any financial product or service can be created by smart contracts. The participants can customize and purchase their unique financial product on FORT. Introducing the high-quality price information from the NEST protocol frees FORT from centralizing risk and provides FORT strong defense against attacks. Any economic relationship between GameFi and NFT can be developed with FORT, and the algorithm of FORT exhibits superior performance, robustness, and accuracy.

Our project is supported by seasoned professionals with experience in the architecture of finance, probability theory, statistics, economics, gaming theory, stochastic analysis, doctoral academia, blockchain, and DeFi.

Together with our developer community and growing list of partners, FORT aims to provide more innovative derivatives and products and ultimately power the future of finance, GameFi, and NFT.

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UTU.ONE is the world’s first mobile app that allows anyone to create their own DAOs and participate in other communities’ success. Its key innovations include a well-designed token economy system that interconnects gated communities, an integrated payment system to facilitate trades using fiat money, a community-owned NFT marketplace and revenue share, and a full suite of DAO governance tools.

You can understand that UTU=DAO + Opensea + Metamask + Uniswap + DeFi + Discord + Twitter. It is an all-in-one place for communities to socialize, interact, contribute, vote, share ideas and interests, hold events with other DAOs, and do anything you can think of. UTU.ONE aims to scale the benefits of DAOs to the masses and realize the real sharing economy among each user.

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