Why is the NEST token a deflationary economic model?

2 min readMay 13, 2023

What are NEST tokens?

NEST is the native token of the NEST Protocol and has been listed on dozens of exchanges so far. The NEST token is the passport for the entire NEST Protocol ecosystem.

Users can use the NEST token to buy derivatives. Currently, the NEST token can be used to settle futures and auction Cyber Ink NFT.

In the future, all financial products in the NEST Protocol can be settled with the NEST token without the additional costs of market makers and other agents.

Why is it deflationary?

When the user interacts with the smart contract, the system will automatically destroy a certain amount of NEST tokens.

For example, when a user buys futures, if they are profitable at the end, the system will issue additional tokens according to the contract. If your profit is a loss, the system will destroy the NEST tokens.

From a long-term perspective, the total amount of NEST tokens is decreasing, and the market value of NEST will continue to rise.




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